Church member management.

A church member and adherent management database designed specifically for the Kimberley Baptist Church, but I've tried to remove any direct references to KBC (except in the user manual which I didn't feel like re-doing). I didn't spend any time trying to make it more generic so here it is...

Some features of the app are listed below:-

  • family contact information
  • birthdays, wedding anniversaries
  • tracks group memberships of individuals e.g. Bible studies, visiting groups, church leadership, youth groups, music groups etc...
  • track attendance,
  • summary statistics
  • maintain records of significant family events e.g. births/deaths, family crisis, confirmations, baptisms, commitments...
  • family reports for use by church leadership

Take a preview by downloading the users manual (0.9MB pdf).

Download Instructions

  1. If you don't have Access then download and install the Access runtime files first.
  2. Download the application (0.8MB)
  3. Run the .exe file. It's packaged as a self executing zip file and will unpack to C:\Program Files\Pumpkin The app is split into a front end user interface (PumpkinChurch.mdb) and a back-end database (PumpkinChurch_Data.mdb). If you unpack it to any place other than the default location you will need to use the Linked Table Manager to reconnect the two.

I've left one example record in.