Household inventory management.

PumpkinHome is yet another household inventory management system. I created it for my own needs (mostly insurance). Here it is for you to use if you want...

Some features of the app are listed below:-

  • insert photos of your treasured items

  • serial numbers

  • maintains records for purchase price, inflated value (CPI), ad-hoc manually inserted values

    • inflated value is the purchase price automatically adjusted by the CPI figures
    • manually inserted values can be put in whenever you wish to re-value an item i.e. you take that diamond ring to a jeweler for re-valuation.
  • include/excluded items from the insurance list/report

  • print reports by category

The data for the CPI table (tCPI) I get from Statistics South Africa and throw it into the Excel spreadsheet (Historical CPI.xls) in order to calculate the "multiplier" field which is needed to automatically calculate the inflated value. Once I've got that calculation done I enter it to the table tCPI. The spreadsheet is packaged in the download.

Download Instructions

  1. If you don't have Access then download and install the Access runtime files first.

  2. Download the application (0.2MB)

  3. Run the .exe file. It's packaged as a self executing zip file and will unpack to C:\Program Files\Pumpkin

  4. The table tCPI contains South African CPI data so you'll need to change it for any other country.